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Speech Therapy Services


Evaluations and Assessments

Speech Therapy begins with a comprehensive evaluation of speech and language skills. 

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Articulation and Phonology

If your child has difficulty producing the sounds in words they may benefit from speech therapy.

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Language - Expressive, Receptive and Social

Language is complex and some children will need help to understand, express their ideas and/or interact with others. Speech Therapists are trained to treat all of these areas of need. 

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Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC)

Some children are limited verbally or have a very hard time making their speech clearly understood. Speech Generating Devices (SGD) or Sign Language can alleviate frustration and bridge communication. 

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Stuttering is an area of specific interest for Ashley. 

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Consultations and Meetings

Learn more about the other services AGB Speech Therapy has avaiable for you. 

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Would you like to learn more about these areas of speech pathology? Do you need professional development for your childcare facility?

Let AGB Speech Therapy help!

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Volunteer Work

Click here to learn more about our friends and neighbors at Gigi's Playhouse Layton.

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