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Consultations and Meetings

Do you have questions about your child's speech and language development? AGB Speech Therapy is happy to offer consultations and other meetings during which we can address all your concerns. 

If you're a current client, we would be happy to attend your child's IEP meetings at school or join in with other service providers to develop the best plan possible for your child's success. 

What is a consultation meeting?

  • The initial consultation is a Meet and Greet

  • We can discuss prior therapies and your goals for treatment

  • We will observe your child in play and determine what treatment objectives we can target first

  • We will make sure the facility and schedule meet your specific needs

What is a support meeting?

  • Sometimes we just need more time

  • Support meetings allow parents and therapist extra time to converse about progress, new directions and special cases. 

  • They can also be scheduled for IEP meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and team meetings with other service providers. 

New Client Consultations are always free of charge. Other Consultation and Support Meetings are charged to the family at the hourly rate. Meetings are not considered direct treatment and cannot be billed to insurance companies. 


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