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Augmentative/Alternative Communication

Sometimes verbal communication is not the best or most effective mode. Other times, verbal communication may not be possible due to structural differences, physical limitations or language barriers. 

That's when we turn to Augmentative and Alternative Communication options. 


What is an aided communication system?

Aided communication systems utilize a tool other than the communicator's body to facilitate communication. 

What types of aided communication systems are there?

Aided communication systems can be as common place as paper and pen. Others are more specialized, like devices that generate speech when activated. You use aided communication each time you send a text message or activate the voice controlled device in your home to play a new song or order more toilet paper. 


What is an unaided communication system?

Unaided communication systems rely on the user's body to transmit the message.

What types of unaided communication systems are there?

Sign language is a form of unaided communication. Gestures and body language are also included in this category. 


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